Become An Independent Learner To Excel In School

Do you want your kid to excel at school? Is he or she making you push them for studying and extra tuition etc.? Best way to make sure they are doing better at school is not to push them but carve them to be independent learners.

Who is an independent learner?

As the word suggests a student who initiates and takes on studying and learning by him or herself is an independent learner. The reason why it is important, is the ability it has to develop a student’s creativity and logical interest in things. They are actively engaged in things rather than being asked to, or passive. These are the students who work out an answer to a problem rather than asking it to be told to them by the biology tuition frenches forest. Some pupils are natural learners and can become true independent learners without being pushed. It is also connected to the age. Older you are, more independent you will be.

Characteristics of an independent learner

An autonomous person is always curious. They see things which they have questions about and do not hesitate to ask them. They are also self-motivated to get where they are going and self-examinate what they found out to make sure it is the right thing. They are critical thinkers, always seeing the pros and cons, and take responsibility of finding out the truth by themselves. Independent learners also comprehend things without being told how to and persevere on things which are needed for success. As a parent you must recognize these traits, or the lack of it in your own child. It is not difficult to turn a passive student to be an active one. Rewards can work, however, if you train them slowly they will learn to stop expecting things to be spoon-fed. Hence they will learn to be persistent and comprehend what us not being said.

Why it is important?

A student who is “fed” or told everything won’t learn of application. No matter how much theory you learn at school or college, once you are at work, application is what is important. There is no use of knowing many computer languages if you have no idea how to write an executable programme with it. No matter how many experiments you saw your good history tuition in Balgowlah do, if you don’t also engage in them practically, even though you may burn your hands, you will learn if Sulfuric acid could be fatal or not. Hence being a naturally curious person is important to become a future successful professional. Schools and teachers can teach your kid so much. There is a part of that lesson to be learnt by themselves. So do not forget to drive that fact in to your kids’ heads.