Materials Used For Making Doors

Doors are the gateway to every house. No house can be completed without doors. They are used to provide privacy and protection. The strength of the door is very important for protection and also you need doors that can last longer. The other important thing that doors add to your home is aesthetic. The doors should be aesthetically pleasing and must be strong enough to serve their purpose. There is much different material from which doors can be made and the material will be chosen as per strength and appearance required to you. The common material which is used for entry doors are as follow

Wood: Wood can be said as the traditional material for doors. Still, the majority of doors are made of wood. Wood is the number option when it comes to door making, the first reason is the wooden door looks good, the appearance and finish provided by the wooden door are impeccable. People still prefer natural-looking wooden door as they can go well with any type of colour scheme. But the wooden door needs regular maintenance and not all wooded door can withstand heat and moisture. If you are living in rainy areas, then you should be choosing the wood which can resist water and humidity. Also the wooden is susceptible to termite and weathering. So you must ensure that termite treatment should also be given to wood. But usually, the pure wooden door is heavy and strong. Also, they are quite expensive. Also, the wooden door required regular polishing or furnishing. But instead of wood, plywood can also be used to make doors. The plywood is a good alternate of wood and it is cheaper than wood, choosing the right type of plywood, can also offer strength and wood-like finish. Click here if you need plywood suppliers Sydney.

Steel: Steel is perfect for strength and durability. If you need your door mainly for protection purpose then steel should be your choice. Steel doors are easy to maintain and they last for longer. The steel doors are less expensive than a wooden door. They can be painted in any colour you want. But steel can get rust and also get dented. Also, they don’t provide a classy finish and appearance. The steel doors can be good for protection but if you need aesthetic then they are not for you

Fibreglass; Fiberglass is an expensive material which can provide great strength to your door. Also like steel, they need very less maintenance. Same as steel, they can provide great protection and only disadvantage they have that with time, they fade. But that can also be covered by repainting. Otherwise, fibreglass is perfect for doors and its durability makes it expensive in comparison to steel and wood.