Different Kinds Of Natural Fly Repellents

A natural fly repellent serves many different purposes. There are at least ten to fifteen different types of natural fly repellents. Not all fly repellents described as natural are, in fact, natural. Many companies use false labels to get new customers. There are many different types of natural fly repellents available in the market. There are many ways of classifying natural fly repellents. There are three to four broad categories of natural fly repellents. Most natural fly repellents are found in a liquid form. They are liquid at room temperature. Some of the main kinds of natural fly repellents are described in the below paragraphs. The following paragraphs only mention the most commonly used kinds of natural fly repellents. Fly repellents besides the ones mentioned below might also exist. The below paragraphs are only meant to be an introductory guide for people looking to buy natural fly repellents. People looking to research about the use and effectiveness of different types of natural fly repellents should consult another source.

Liquid fly repellents:

Many reliable insect repellents come in a liquid form. In most cases, the fly repellent consists of a thick liquid. The liquid is colourless in most cases. Most commercially available natural fly repellents are colourless and odourless. They are odourless so that people will not be bothered by their use. A masking agent is added to them to reduce their smell. This is often the case when the natural fly repellent is to be used at home. People buy repellents that do not have a strong smell. Most types of natural fly repellents do not have a bad odour.

Use for other insects:

As mentioned elsewhere, flies are the cause of many diseases. Flies carry many kinds of germs on them. They act as carriers of different kinds of germs. This makes them very dangerous from a healthy point of view. Many people not realise just how dangerous flies can be. They think flies are harmless insects. Nothing could be further from the truth. The prevalence of flies causes many deaths every year. This is especially the case when flies have access to open waste. Waste should not be left open for the flies nearby. You should also take care to cover the waste you make.

The potency of the repellent:

Not all repellents have the same potency. Some natural fly repellents are more potent than others. It can be hard to judge the potency of a natural fly repellent. You can judge the potency of a natural fly repellent by reading the chemical composition of the packet. As a rule of thumb, concentrated natural fly repellents are more potent than dilute ones. You can add water to a bottle of natural fly repellent in order to reduce its potency.